Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PC Upgrades

They say the days of PC upgrading are numbered. Looking for an update on my 4 year old HP DX2450 for about what I bought it for (£220) and there is nothing much about. Instead, spending altogether £120 on...
  • 2GB RAM DDR2 800mhz
  • Dual DVI card, MSI HD 5450 1GB 64bit DDR3 great. Switch from WinXP-32 to Win7-64 is a culture shock, but worth it for more RAM.

The dual DVI card is great now both 22" monitors run over DVI, rather than DVI and VGA, one sharp and one blurry. Both look sharp as you like now.

OK, so downside is a 64 bit Win7 doesn't work with my old scanner and webcam, but no probs really.